Four Reasons Your 12’ x 12’ Horse Stalls Might Be Too Small

Nov 29, 2022

No one likes being boxed in. While standard 12’ x 12’ horse stalls may be the norm for most stables, your horses deserve the beauty, functionality, and safety of larger spaces. Blackwood Equestrian Stalls specializes in luxury, custom designs that deliver high-class stalls, gates, and dividers that last for generations. We believe your horses deserve the best.

Here are 4 reasons standard stall dimensions might be too small for your horses:

1. If you have larger-than-average horses, you need larger-than-average stalls.

It goes without saying that larger animals require more space to move around. The typical size of a horse stall is 12’ x 12’, but those dimensions can be too small for some larger breeds of horses like Dutch Warmbloods, Belgian Drafts, or Clydesdales. These powerful giants will be happier and healthier in 12’ x 14’ or 14’ x 14’ stalls.

The general rule of thumb is that your horse should be able to lie down in a fully reclined position and be able to move around easily without touching the walls of the stall. If your horses can’t do that, they need more room.

2. If your horses have increased anxiety, they may need more space.

Just like humans, horses can get stressed and nervous for a variety of reasons. If you notice your horses are acting differently — excessive chewing, spooking easily, pacing, rearing, etc. — it’s likely they are experiencing anxiety. Horses are naturally herd animals, so spending lots of time in a 12’ x 12’ box can increase their stress levels. Giving them more space to move around may alleviate some of that anxiety.

3. If your horses are naturally more active, they need more room.

Keeping your horses safe is our top priority. When over-active horses are constrained to smaller spaces, it can lead to injury for the animals and their caregivers. Giving your horses more space in their stalls can ensure a safer environment for everyone.

4. If you want easier access to your horses, you need bigger stalls.

Designing a luxury custom stall isn’t just for the horses’ comfort and ease – it’s for yours too. Maneuvering around a standard-sized stall can feel like a tight squeeze as you clean and feed your horses. Larger stalls allow you more space to safely care for your animals.

Blackwood Equestrian Stalls goes beyond the status quo when it comes to building luxury custom horse stalls, gates, dividers, and windows. We deliver quality, custom projects that exceed your expectations to provide premier comfort, safety, and functionality. Our expertise provides high-quality craftsmanship in every design that can be enjoyed for generations.

No one knows your horses better than you do. If it’s time to update your stalls, give them the comfort, safety, and luxury they deserve. Contact us today to get started on a custom design.