Custom Horse Stall Considerations

Aug 11, 2021

There are so many choices when it comes to stalling your horses that you’ll want to be sure you make the right decisions for your horses’ benefit. Blackwood has the expert knowledge for the design and manufacturing of custom horse stall doors, front systems, and other equine facility equipment. We’ve played a role in building custom steel horse stall fronts and horse stall doors for equine breeding facilities, equestrian riding and training centers, boarding facilities, and more.

Thanks to our years of experience working with barn owners, architects, and designers, we are well versed in the elements needed to build the perfect equine facility. There are two styles of horse stalls, sliding horse stalls and hinged horse stalls. Sliding horse stalls offer a more traditional look, while hinged horse stalls can feature a more unique style with curves and tailored design features. Either one can be selected based on preference or necessity. For example, if your barn aisle is narrow, then a sliding stall would be the best fit.

The dimensions of the space and the amount of time your horses spend in their stalls will help determine an overall stall size, as well as whether a high Steel Fabrication Company Designs Equestrian Horse Stallsstall front system or low stall front system will be needed. Horse stalls are mostly made out of steel or aluminum, depending on the preference for strength of material. The stalls are welded together to fit any custom design specifications and include the doors, partitions, screens, and gates. Horse stall doors will also typically include a steel grill insert for visibility and ventilation. After the horse stalls are built, a powder coating can be applied for a smooth finish in color and protection. And the final touch to any horse stall project is making sure there is plenty of room for the latches, door pulls, door stops, and accessories.

Over the years, we’ve accumulated a vast knowledge of equestrian facility construction. When it comes to fabricating perfect custom horse stalls, our top priorities will always be quality, safety, and functionality for you and your horses. 


Our experienced team can help you decide what will be best for your custom horse stalls, so contact us today to get started.